Spoilers for Spec Ops: The Line from 30:00 to 41:00. Spoilers for Hotline Miami 42:30 to 55:00. Also when we start talking AMCs The Walking Dead, we just talk as if everyone has seen the series up to and including season 3 episode 5. You’ve been warned.

This week, Paul and Nathan discuss the qualities of self-aware violent video games Hotline Miami & Spec Ops: The Line and their respective successes and failures in delivering their intended messages. Paul is somewhat let down by TellTale’s The Walking Dead Episode 4 – Around Every Corner and Nathan finds a renewed interest in Demon’s Souls in between mobile gaming with My Little Pony. The two disagree on Young Adult, agree on Silent Hill Revelations 3D.

Also, Nathan discusses James Bond and Skyfall and his (surpring!) disappointment in the new My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic episode.

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