Welcome to the Summer of Sam (Raimi)! We’re gonna deep dive into this master of horror’s movies from the start including some of his lesser known hits, beginning with 2 short films showcasing the two different sides of Sam’s style. Buckle in, bucko!

The film tells the story of a family whose uncle is murdered. The son (⁠Sam Raimi⁠) gets everything because he is in the will. A detective (⁠Scott Spiegel⁠) is trying to find out who murdered the uncle while avoiding ending up dead as well.

Episode hosts:
Paul (twitter.com/exfauxsure)
Hank (twitter.com/comicpanels)

Survive The Night is a podcast series in which every episode a piece of horror media is thoroughly examined by the hosts and talked about at length. Due to this, spoilers are abundant and will not be talked around. Listen at your own risk!

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