The thrilling conclusion to the Holy Evil War chapter is upon us! How does the new berserker armor work? He was a giant dragon the whole time? The Band of the Hawk is taking on another empire? 

All this and more! 

Chapters discussed: 

  • 227. “Fire Dragon” 
  • 228. “Depths of Hellfire” 
  • 229. “Departure of Flames” 
  • 230. “Demon Castle” 
  • 231. “Dread Emperor” 
  • 232. “Daka” 
  • 233. “Demon Knight” 
  • 234. “Demon God” 
  • 235. “Sleeping Princess Awakens” 

Millennium Falcon Arc continues: “Falconia Chapter” 

  • 236. “Roar of the Sea”

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