Things are heating up. Mozgus gains the power of… some sort of God… and the inquisition keep Guts busy as Casca gets prepared to be burned at the stake. Darkness, imprisoning me. All that I see… absolute horror.

Also, we learn about a new egg friend.

Chapters discussed:

  • 155. “The Spider’s Thread” (蜘蛛の糸, Kumo no Ito)
  • 156. “Those Who Dance at the Summit, Those Who Creep in the Depths” (頂に舞うもの底に這うもの, Itadaki ni Maumono Soko ni Haumono)
  • 157. “Hell’s Angels” (ヘルス・エンジェルス, Herusu Enjerusu)
  • 158. “One Unknown in the Depth of the Depths” (底の底の知られぬ者, Soko no Soko no Shirarenu mono)
  • 159. “The Threatened” (脅えし者, Obieshimono)
  • 160. “Omens” (兆し, Kizashi)
  • 161. “Martyrdom” (殉教, Junkyō)
  • 162. “Collapse” (崩壊, Hōkai)
  • 163. “Shadows of Idea (1)” (イデアの影(1), Idea no Kage (1))
  • 164. “Shadows of Idea (2)” (イデアの影(2), Idea no Kage (2))
  • 165. “Shadows of Idea (3)” (イデアの影(3), Idea no Kage (3))

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