Guts has arrived and it’s time for the blood to flow. Casca finds herself the queen of a cult, a demonic goatman is on the attack and we learn some uncomfortable truths about Farnese…

Chapters discussed:

  • 143. “Pillar of Flame” (炎の柱, Honō no Hashira)
  • 144. “The Black Swordsman on Holy Ground” (聖地の黒い剣士, Seichi no Kuroi Kenshi)
  • 145. “Straying” (迷走, Meisō)
  • 146. “Ambition Boy” (野望少年, Yabō Shōnen)
  • 147. “Den of Evil” (魔窟, Makutsu)
  • 148. “The Reunion” (再会, Saikai)
  • 149. “Ambush” (伏兵, Fukuhei)
  • 150. “The Cliff” (断崖, Dangai)
  • 151. “Captives” (虜囚, Ryoshū)
  • 152. “The Iron Maiden” (鉄の処女, Tetsu no Shojo)
  • 153. “Blood Flow of the Dead (1)” (亡者の血流(1), Mōja no Ketsuryū (1))
  • 154. “Blood Flow of the Dead (2)” (亡者の血流(2), Mōja no Ketsuryū (2))

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