Ben is still out, now with covid, so Nathan comes in to help continue the conversation. Starting the Conviction Arc, Nathan and I discuss the Lost Children chapter and find out about the Holy See’s personal army and meet a demon with some extremely interesting characterizations and ideas behind her…

Chapters discussed:

095. “The Black Swordsman, Once More” (黒い剣士、再び, Kuroi Kenshi, Futatabi)
096. “The Elves of Misty Valley” (霧の谷の妖精, Kiri no Tani no Yōsei)
097. “Jill” (ジル, Jiru)
098. “By Air” (飛来, Hirai)
099. “Elf Bugs” (妖虫, Yōchū)
100. “Queen” (女王(クイーン), Kuīn)
101. “Elf Fire” (鬼火, Onibi)
102. “Red-Eyed Peekaf” (赤い目のピーカフ, Akai me no Pīkafu)
103. “The Recollected Girl” (追憶の少女, Tsuioku no Shōjo)
104. “The World of Winged Things” (羽あるものの世界, Hanearumono no Sekai)
105. “Guardians (1)” (守護者(ガーディアン)(1), Gādian (1))
106. “Guardians (2)” (守護者(ガーディアン)(2), Gādian (2))
107. “Pursuers” (追跡者, Tsuisekisha)
108. “The Misty Valley (1)” (霧の谷(1), Kiri no Tani (1))
109. “The Misty Valley (2)” (霧の谷(2), Kiri no Tani (2))
110. “Cocoons” (繭, Mayu)
111. “Monster” (怪物, Kaibutsu)
112. “Sky Demon” (空魔, Kūma)
113. “A Bloody Night Sky” (鮮血の夜空, Senketsu no Yozora)
114. “The Space Between Demon and Man” (魔と人の狭間, Ma to Hito no Hazama)
115. “Firefly” (蛍, Hotaru)
116. “The Way Home” (家路, Ieji)
117. “Blue Sky Elf” (青空の妖精, Sora no Yōsei)

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