**Trigger Warning: Incest, Rape**

Griffith is captured! The King has some dark secrets and urges that we probably didn’t really need to know about! Casca and the Band of the Hawk are ambushed! WHERE IS GUTS?!

Chapters Discussed:

  • 039. “The Fallen Hawk” (墜ちた鷹, Ochita taka)
  • 040. “Demise of a Dream” (夢の終焉, Yume no Shūen)
  • 041. “Arms Tournament” (闘技会, Tōgikai)
  • 042. “The Fugitives” (逃亡者たち, Tōbōsha-tachi)
  • 043. “The Fighter” (闘者, Tōsha)
  • 044. “Comrades in Arms” (戦友, Sen’yū)

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