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Category: Editorial

The Importance of Coco

It’s a beautiful movie with a great message, amazing design and a fun energy about it.

But this isn’t about Coco as a film.

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Why “Gone Home” is an Experience Worth Having

You may already be well-aware of this, but on August 15th, 2013 a curious little game came out on Steam called Gone Home. Immediately a flurry of positive reviews started popping up left and right and as of this writing two days after the fact the game boasts a 90 on the ever-controversial Metacritic and […]

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Escaping Into Games: An Outlet For Anxiety & Depression

Written by Emily Kay (Guest Contributor) of The Games Diary  “Just let me finish this” is what I would usually chime when I’m finally being notified to the real world. It’s hard to pull away – and the thing I’m trying to finish could be anything from a full level, to a quick side mission […]

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We had the best time at your party… Goodbye, Ween.

Yesterday, one of my absolute favorite bands decided to call it quits.  Ween was born in 1984 after Aaron Freeman and Mickey Melchiondo met in 8th grade and since then has evolved from two kids screwing around with sounds into a very competent and, dare I say, genius musical project.  Taking on the psuedonyms of Gene […]

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This Week In Comics: April 24-30

It’s somewhat ironic that the week of the comic expo I only read three comics but there you go I suppose. 

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This Week In Comics: April 16-23

I don’t think I’d ever be able to tell someone “you know, Aquaman is kind of awesome”

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