Although starting off as a World of Warcraft podcast, Ventchat has quickly become a favorite comedy show for many (including us at Pixel Response). With nothing more than a couple of base ideas per show, it’s the chemistry between the four hosts (“Fen”, “Esta”, “Sauce” and “Turdhat” that takes the standard ‘Morning Radio Show’ format to something very unique and special.

Fen was gracious enough to set aside some time to chat with Paul and we’re happy to provide a small chunk of the talk to you in which the two discuss things like smoking, the podcast patent troll, anonymity on the internet and video games.

Oh, I suppose they talk a bit about Ventchat too.

Check out Ventchat and come hang out Saturday nights at 9pm PST!

Outro: Ventchat intro by Reddwarf (used with special permission from Ventchat)

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