It’s been over a month. Can you ever forgive us? What if we talk for about 5 hours straight of literally everything worth talking about that has happened in the last month?

In this phat with the “p” “h” episode, Hank talks about games like Super Mario Maker, Shovel Knight, Transformers: Devestation and Persona 4: Dancing All Night while Paul discusses the finer points of Secret Ponchos, Jotun, Warhammer: End Times – Vermintide and Devilian. Oh, also we spoiler talk The Beginner’s Guide, SOMA and Until Dawn so when those come up, be warned.

Hank saw a shitload of movies such as Peace Officer, Pay the Ghost, The Martian, Pan and Bone Tomahawk amongst others. We talk a lot about those too.

Also, random tangents, Paul gets upset about Undertale and Beast Wars/Mighty Max toys are all things that happen in this amazing edition of the podcast! Enjoy!

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