I’m exhausted and not really in the mood for this, but after watching what this dvd had to offer I knew I had to write something in here just to get it out…

Sound Quality:

Offering some of the best quality in DTS Surround and Dolby Digital 5.1/ Stereo, Beside You In Time makes you feel as if you are really there…in fact I heard things in some songs I didn’t even hear at the concerts themselves (mostly a lot of Aaron’s guitar tricks).  Whether you’re using television stock speakers or a nice home theater audio system, you shouldn’t be disappointed.

Picture Quality:

BYIT is offered in 3 flavors: HD-DVD , Blu-Ray and normal DVD.  Being that I do not have a HD tv, let alone DVD player, I obviously haven’t experienced the best that can be offered but I have to say that overall even the lowest quality version is still offering a lot up to the table in terms of how far dvd quality can go.  If you can swing it though, go high def.


Great reminder of a great week worth of shows, but really stops there as just a reminder.  Of course, the real thing can not be topped but I’m sure with a nice home theater setup, this dvd would come close.  What else can be said about NIN that hasn’t already been said countless times besides that?


Better than I expected, to be honest.  Although I didn’t think the versions of Somewhat Damaged and Non-Entity released on here were the greatest, it is definately cool they are on there and the light show alone on Help Me I Am In Hell is worth checking out.  The rehearsals were a nice touch too, and wierd to watch Trent with hair and Jerome Dillon on drums again after 2 hours of concert footage of bald Trent and Josh Freese.

Overall: Definately a good buy, an AMAZING buy really at how cheap it is on release.  Definate must for NIN fans and fans of good concert dvds period.  While I do personally like And All That Could Have Been more, I can see how it would be a tough choice in the end to make.

RATING: 9/10

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