So I decided I wanted to start writing a bit more frequently but due to a lack of games I’ve been interested in and not making it out to a theater for awhile, I figured I’d start writing a weekly update of the comics I’ve been reading the week prior and give a small overview of my feelings on them.  Enjoy!


The New 52 – Action Comics #1
Didn’t really know what to expect from this one going into it since I haven’t read a Superman comic since the iconic Superman #75 (The Death of Superman) when I was roughly 11 years old. I’ve never been a huge fan of Superman due to my natural inclination to vigilantes, anti-heroes and basically any comic featuring imperfection in their protagonists. Superman has always been the boy-scout; the all-American, infallible force of good and justice… something that as I get older I’ve been learning to respect for it’s own qualities and how hard it would be to stick to your morals even in the fact of terrible adversity.  Long story short, I wanted to check this out because I heard decent things and I was not disappointed. The art is good, Lois, Clark and Luthor are all portrayed perfectly for how I remember them as a kid and Superman is, dare I say, kind of a bad-ass. Definitely looking forward to continue onto this story-arc in the near future.

The New 52 – Animal Man #1 and #2
Coming into Animal Man, I had no idea what to expect. I picked up the first issue in the store and flipped through it a bit and fell in love with the art so decided to try the first two issues. Boy, am I ever glad that I did too. The writing is solid and takes only the first couple of pages to give Buddy Baker (“Animal Man”) very genuine character of an everyday family man which only helps the reader to care about the strange events that being to unfold.  I won’t give away any more because I truly believe that, like me, going into this as a blind read is really a shocking treat. Very strange, surreal and beautiful comic so far… looking forward to finishing the story arc!




The New 52 – Batman #7

Continuing on this series as I’ve been picking them up since issue #1, this issue was a break from the intensity of the last couple which was a surprisingly welcome change.  Whereas the past few issues in the series have dealt with more action and bizarre things, issue #7 is strictly dialogue and some neat revelations in the story that ramps up to an exciting tease for the next issue. Shit is about to go off the hook, it was nice to have some breathing space before it took off again.





The New 52 – Batman: The Dark Knight #1

Being a big fan of the reboot of Batman, I decided this weekend to pick up The Dark Knight series reboot and I was admittedly somewhat disappointed. It doesn’t feel like a strong story was thought out yet and the issue suffers from it. A lot of time is spent on seemingly pointless dialogue with Bruce Wayne at a party and any “fan service” is paid too little, too late with some action that is over in about two page-turns.  Most disturbingly to me, however, was how it ended… I don’t know what they’re going for but it has the potential to be really kind of lame if they don’t play their cards right. I hear it gets better, so I will likely pick up the next two issues and check back in later but for now, I can’t recommend picking this one up.


Fatale #1 and #2
When I walked into the comic shop about a month ago, these two issues were in a stand for sale (buy 1 get the second half off sort of deal) and I was sure the store owner was just trying to coax me into spending more money. I’m glad he did; Fatale is one of my favorite reads I flew through this weekend with it’s amazing film-noir story writing, occult undertones and amazing art style.  If H.P. Lovecraft were to do a noir detective story, this would be it and that alone is worth the price of admission. Pick it up without thought if you can.



Saga Chapter One and Chapter Two
Wow, I don’t really know where to begin with this one. Basically, think of what might happen if Joss Whedon were to tackle the Romeo and Juliet trope of two lovers on opposite sides of a war in a universe that Jim Henson might create while adding random stuff in there because… well, why the hell not? I was super skeptical about this title when I first heard about it but decided to give it a shot when I learned that Fiona Staples (who works and lives in the same city as I do) was the artist on it.  I have to say the premise and dialogue is fantastic; there is a very real feel to the flow of conversation and it’s easy to hear the voices through the reading. My biggest issue, well not even issue… more like pet peeve, is that the universe seems to be comprised of a lot of strange anthropomorphic creatures that honestly just feel like they were thrown in because “it’s artsy”. I don’t feel that in a world of human-rams, humanoids with wings, human figures with television heads, ghost people, cats that tell when people are lying and strange arachnid-esque women that a servant that’s basically a bi-pedal midget crocodile was necessary.  Still, I’m hooked and can’t wait for more.