Although this game is graphically beautiful there are a few details in which I would have like seen improved. First is the depth of field. Comparing it to most games this one does a great job but it could have used some tweaking to the blur effect when focusing on certain objects. Second is the water. Although it looks nice, as soon as something interacts with it it losses all of its appeal. For instance, next time you play try using force push to hurl a car into the water. It makes no splash of any kind, it simply just falls through as if nothing were there. These issues are all minor when comparing them to the big picture. The environment (buildings, people, electrical powers, enemies) all look incredible when compared to other open world games.


The voice acting was very well done for a few of the character. Other’s like Zeke who’s voice acting was annoying more than anything and Trish seemed like everything she said was over exagerated. The dialogue was a problem for the minor characters, it just didn’t feel like it fit in with the rest of the game. When Cole and Kessler talked it felt as least believable with the story line. The music in the game was good but not great. Ambient sounds were also just good. The audio that accompanied the powers though were well down. They are what stuck in my mind the most.


There were a few glitches where I found myself able to hug a wall jumping repeatedly and passing through or falling through the ground when walking down the middle of the street only to fall forever into nothingness. Again though, those are minor issues that rarely ever happened. The parkour aspect of the game is the best I’ve seen to date. Assassins Creed, Prototype, Crackdown, etc.. are all good but just don’t feel as smooth as InFAMOUS did. The choice of being good or evil and having different powers for each was a great mechanic adding variety to the gameplay preventing the feeling of boredom or repetitiveness. The story was great and is advanced by completing key missions. Although side missions are not required to do, the game encourages you to do them as there are advantages to your gameplay when completed. Every side mission completed “cleans” a portion of the city pushing back the enemy giving the people courage (or fear) of you and allows you to run around without a mob of baddies always on your tail. Some side missions advance your good or evil meter advancing the selection of good or evil powers. All in all the game is well executed and keeps you engaged all the time never feeling bored.


The comic script story telling concept was a great idea and was delivered very well, it worked in a way that added to the story. It was a nice change from the traditional  CG cut scenes and in game engine cut scenes. Zeke was a great concept, but the friendship between him and cole just weren’t very believable. Also Trish was great in concept but the execution wasn’t very great. Again she didn’t seem to be a believable “girlfriend” figure. Zeke and Trish are only minor characters and are easily forgotten once they leave the scene and the game continues. The end of the game is what really drew me into extreme anticipation of a sequel. I did not expect that to happen at all and I really caught me off guard. I highly recommend playing through this gem for the ending alone.