Graphics: 7/10

Prototype feels slightly lackluster in terms of what can be achieved graphically in video games these days. While by no means considered bad, a little more attention to detail in such things as the water, fire/explosions and generally all destructive physics would go miles to improve the experience rather than clearly focusing on blood-splatter. The character design is decently mediocre at best with the central characters and redundantly repetitive for the extras.

Audio: 8/10

The ambient noises of the cityscape make their appearance as a regular backdrop that ranges from the normal white noise of traffic driving by to the anguished screams of civilians being ripped apart ended by the climax of blood and organs slapping against concrete. Operating large war-machines and firing projectiles seem a little dull and stock in comparison to other games but is barely noticeable as a problem and the voice-acting, while not award-winning, does well enough to keep the characters grounded in their respective personalities.

Gameplay: 9/10

Where Prototype fails to impress on a technical level, it more than makes up for in longevity and replayability as an openworld sandbox. When not focused on clearcutting through the storyline missions, players have many side objectives that can be worked on including roof-top time-trials, target gliding, infilitration of military buildings and personnel and all-0ut war battlefields. Logging in close to, and over, 20 hours of playtime is impressive as the full storyline can likely be completed in 8-10 hours leaving the player wanting more.

Overall: 8/10