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Day: February 27, 2006

CONCERT: Nine Inch Nails (Live in Toronto) [10.10.05]

It is approximately 1:20pm Toronto time when we finally get to the Air Canada Center to line up to pick up our Spiral Tickets, which we were told would be given out at 1:30. After about an hour of waiting, the line of previously discouraged and rather confused members of the fanclub begins to move […]

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Trent Not So Pretty Now…

Not So Pretty Now was performed live the other night and I have been able to get a copy of the bootleg from a friend. I must say, while not as bad as the little clip of it led me to believe it would be, but I still think its probably the worst NIN song […]

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CONCERT REVIEW: Santana (Live in Calgary) [24.09.05]

We get at the dome at 6:45pm. After a confusion over parking spots, being physically handicapped and eventually paying 8 more dollars for parking, we park and get to our seats. Now, it isn’t unusual for the show to start late, so we wait patiently till about 7:40pm and begin to wonder if the show […]

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CONCERT: Nine Inch Nails (Live in Calgary) [16.10.05]

Finally I get to see Reznor and his band of merry-men in my hometown. We get to the venue at about 14:00 and wait in the spiral members line to get our tickets. Finally Brandy comes out at about 15:00 and starts giving us (about 50 of us) our tickets. Then we wait again. We […]

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CONCERT: Nine Inch Nails (Live in Edmonton) [15.10.05]

Just got back from the concert in Edmonton. All-in-all, the DFA1979 set was the same pretty much, Queens was MUCH better and Toronto had the better NIN set (replacing The Collector with Starfuckers Inc.?! Come the fuck on). A few highlights:-Josh Homme makes fun of some “fat guy in a pink shirt” who gives him […]

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REVIEW: Un Chien Andalou

OVERVIEW: Anyone who likes surrealism probably knows of Salvador Dali. Dali can easily be considered one of the greatest masters of surrealism the world has ever seen, and many of his works have made their way into popular culture or have been referenced to one way or another. “Un Chien Andalou”, or “An Andalusian Dog” is a […]

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MADT festival and other various works(now with pictures!)

For the last little while, there has been work on the walls all over the school and in the main mall, but just tonight the MADT festival started at 4pm and I must say I was pleased with what was displayed.

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REVIEW: Casshern

STORY: In a post-apocalyptic world full of hate and plagued with disease and death, a scientist has discovered the ability to restore and regenerate lost life. After awakening a group called the Shinzo Ningen, the end of the world has been planned and is ready to be carried out and only the resurrected spirit of […]

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REVIEW: Broken 2.0

STORY: Some fuck-up is about to be hung for his crimes. The plot is nothing more than showing what he did to deserve the death penalty. REVIEW: Okay, this isn’t exactly new by anyone’s standards (1993) but a fan took it upon himself to try to remaster this “snuff film”, and for the most part […]

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REVIEW: Final Fantasy VII Advent Children

STORY Midgar has gone from the top to the bottom in ruins while an illness by the name of “Geostigma” kills those afflicted with it. Slowly, the people have begun to try to rebuild what once was while living in fear of the dreaded disease. Cloud Strife now lives a quiet and normal life running […]

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