The Movie Monks

First Aired: January 21, 2011
Final Episode: March 22, 2012
Number of Episodes: 18
Host(s): Paul Fleck, Nathan Rohr
Guest(s): None

Being a fan of a podcast my friend was on, called the Top Down Perspective, and specifically with Nathan and his ability to interrupt basically any conversation with a movie reference made me want to do a movie podcast with him. So, I reached out and on January 21 in 2011 we met online for the first time and had an awkward conversation that would dictate how we spent hours every week for the next 8 years.

Originally starting out as a movie podcast was a necessity to have a strict structure as we learned how to talk to each other and, more-so for me, learn how to do a podcast. 

They say when you’re learning to podcast do 20 episodes and just throw them out. These are those 20(ish) episodes.