January 29, 2023
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & the Winter Soldier: Episode 5 – Truth recap

John Walker messed up. But he ain’t giving that shield back without a fight. Too bad it’s hard to hold onto a shield with a broken arm. After getting a slap on the wrist, he meets up with a strange character played by Elaine (and that’s all she’ll ever be to me). Bucky leads the Wakandans to Zemo, who’s paying respects to the Sokovia memorial (since he’s the nicest villain ever now) and there’s nothing left to do but fix that damn boat up!

Too bad the Flagsmashers are planning their biggest terrorism target yet, otherwise this was shaping up to be a nice little afternoon.

Hosted by:
Paul (https://twitter.com/exfauxsure)
Hank (https://twitter.com/ComicPanels)

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