September 30, 2022
Goin' Berserk
Goin' Berserk
Goin' BERSERK! Episode 7: The Golden Age Arc Part 6 (Vol. 9)

Enjoy this moment while it lasts! An oasis in the desert of gore, murder and Guts is broken by some real human communication, connection, sensuality and caring. It won’t last forever so let’s just take a moment and relax!

Chapters Discussed:

  • 045. “Confession” (告白, Kokuhaku)
  • 046. “Wounds (1)” (傷(1), Kizu (1))
  • 047. “Wounds (2)” (傷(2), Kizu (2))
  • 048. “Sparks from a Sword Tip” (切っ先の火花, Kissaki no Hibana)

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