Code of Conduct

Chat Rules

  • DO NOT use any racially charged or sexually fueled slurs or derogatory terms. 
  • DO NOT use capital letters for everything.
  • No self-promotion or advertising for other people.
  • Links may only be posted by subscribers or with permission from a moderator.
  • Don’t discuss piracy sites or adblock. It’s just a weird gray area I don’t want to deal with.


  • You will respect other viewers, the mods and anyone streaming with me.
  • If you’re under the age of 18 and let it be known, you will be removed.
  • Please only speak in English so we can all understand what is being said.
  • We deal with some controversial conversation matter from time to time and make fun of lots of serious topics to deal with them. If something bothers you, let a mod or myself know.
  • You will leave drama with other people where it belongs.

How To Backseat Properly

Ever sit there in chat thinking “man, this streamer sure is an idiot for not being as good as I am at this game”? Want to speak up about it?
Well, you can! Believe it or not, backseating is a thing I not only allow but encourage.
BUT, there are certain precautions you must take lest you be banished to the netherrealm.

Know what you’re talking about

This seems like an obvious thing but there is a difference between offering advice and just spouting some random crap to make it look like you’re smart when you’re really a dumbass. If your first piece of advice is to do something that you simply cannot do, you will be ignored forever.

Have experience in what you’re talking about

Seriously. Even I can look up a guide and read it verbatim or follow “expertxxgamerxx420” on YouTube to see how they did it, believe it or not. If you’re going to backseat it’s because you have YOUR OWN OPINION on how something can be done and provide your personal experience. If you’re just reading it from a guide and can’t answer any follow up questions, keep your mouth shut.

Ask why something is being done before telling me how to do it

Maybe, just maybe, I’ve also been playing games for a long time and I have an idea for how to do whatever I’m currently doing. Or maybe I tried the way you’re going to suggest. Or maybe I just want to do something different. Doing this step before continuing will save us both a lot of annoyance.

Be polite about it

I can’t believe this is even a thing that has to be said but there are worlds of difference between “god, just do ____ already” and “maybe you could try ___”. You’ve been warned, don’t be an asshole. There is nothing more frustrating than failing at something and being told repeatedly to do better.


Just don’t fucking do it. You want to know what progress has been made? Use questions like “What is the last thing you’ve done?” or “who was the last boss you’ve fought?”. Outwardly spoiling an important story point or segment that has nothing to do with how the game is played mechanically will jus straight up get you banned.

Wait until I ask or (at least) ask if I want help

This is the final step to backseating I would like you to heed. Please, before spouting any random information at me, either wait until I specifically ask for the advice (I don’t rhetorically speak to myself so any question will be addressed to chat) or ask if I would like some help. The flipside to this is respect my wishes if I say I do not want your help and go on staying silent about it.