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Category: Film

Review – Monster Hunter (2020)

First of all, I can recognize this movie is trashy; the writing is bad, the set-up for the story is lame, the characters are pretty stupid and the pacing is really, REALLY strange.
So, I kind of loved this movie…

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REVIEW: Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty has long been a revered and iconic staple in the classic Disney library for many people. Although at the time of its creation in 1959 it was cited as a box office failure, the story of Princess Aurora has gained popularity as one of the crowd favorites from classic Disney. While I may not be so excitable about the idea of a Sleeping Beauty remake, I’ve always had a fondness for the story’s villain, Maleficent. She was the embodiment of what I grew up perceiving to be the traits every villain should have; she was unforgiving, cruel, cunning and could turn into a damn dragon! So… what about a movie all about her?

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Digital Digressions: Prometheus

Nathan: So has it really been thirty years since Ridley Scott directed a sci-fi film?

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REVIEW: Chernobyl Diaries

Back in April of 1986 the Chernobyl nuclear power plant just outside of Prypiat in the Ukraine had a catastrophic accident and an explosion released enormous quantities of radioactive contamination in the atmosphere and surrounding area.  It has long since been considered the worst nuclear power accident in the world. With a premise based in such a disturbing reality, there’s no way this could go wrong… right?

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Digital Digressions: Men in Black 3

Paul: I don’t know about you, but Men In Black has been one of my favorite movies since I was a kid. To this day I will rewatch the first one multiple times if I’m bored.

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Digital Digressions: Battleship

This last weekend, Battleship hit the silver-screen in theaters and being a child of terrible board games AND cheesy movies, it was imperative that it’d be seen.

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REVIEW: Indie Game: The Movie

For a good amount of people who hear the words “indie game” the first titles that pop in their heads are BraidSuper Meat Boy and, more recently, FEZ. Almost all gaming enthusiasts have tried their hand on at least one of these titles at some point and most people who play them agree that they’re very strong, well done games. But what about the people behind the games? What about those who give up everything to sit in front of a screen for 100+ hours a week to ensure their product is worthy of their own insane standards?

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REVIEW: Piranha 3D

It’s spring break and Lake Victoria, AZ is bombarded once again with boatloads of tourists and drunk college kids looking for a constant week-long party.  While usually on week-long babysitting duty, the local Sheriff’s office has more important things to worry about when the tattered remains of a fisherman are discovered shortly after an earthquake hits.  Bringing in a team of seismologists to investigate reveals that the earthquake created a fissure at the bottom of the lake, revealing a subterranean lake housing killer piranhas from the prehistoric age.

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REVIEW: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim leads a decently average life;  he lives with his gay roommate, is in a band and has a girlfriend in high school as a result of having his heart broken by the last girl.  Everything was going okay until the new American girl Ramona Flowers invades Scott’s thoughts and dreams.  Now Scott must battle Ramona’s 7 evil ex’s in order to win her heart and his own happiness.

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REVIEW: Spider-Man 3

After seeing Spider-Man 2 back when it came out and heard that the third was in production I knew right then that I had to see it.  Then after hearing it would include the whole symbiote thing there was nothing keeping me away.  I now understand why the movie poster shows Spider-Man in such disgust […]

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