February 7, 2023
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & the Winter Soldier: Episode 4 – The Whole World Is Watching recap

Ayo wants Zemo but allows Bucky to get what they need for 8 hours. Thank god in that time they’re able to find Karli and the FlagSmashers, reason with her, mess it up, lose her, lose all the Super Soldier Serum and get their asses kicked. John Walker is back to screw everything up by being the world police he thinks he is but all is saved when the Dora Milaje come and beat him within an inch of his life. Too bad that crazy Zemo gets away… again.

Oh, and of course John Walker is able to pocket one Super Soldier Serum vial away from the others. But… he wouldn’t be so dumb as to take it… right…?

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Paul (https://twitter.com/exfauxsure)
Hank (https://twitter.com/ComicPanels)

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