February 7, 2023
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & Winter Soldier
The Falcon & the Winter Soldier: Episode 3 – Power Broker recap

The dynamite duo decide to talk to Zemo and, after very little deliberations, help him break out of prison since he seems like a pretty alright guy now. Actually, he just seems to know where he can get information about The Flagsmashers so with little hesitation it’s off to Madripoor to talk to the criminal underground to get info they might have without offering anything in return (which always works out well).

Luckily, an old friend is hanging out in the city and together they find the creator of the Super Soldier Serum and get a lead on where Karli might be hiding out.

Hosted by:
Paul (https://twitter.com/exfauxsure)
Hank (https://twitter.com/ComicPanels)

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