February 7, 2023
Goin' Berserk
Goin' Berserk
Goin' BERSERK! Episode 6: The Golden Age Arc Part 5 (Vol. 8 - Vol. 9)

The time has come to say goodbye. We catch up with Guts as he explains to Judeau his reasonings for leaving and the introspection of how he feels about a bunch of things, not least of all Casca. Oh, speaking of, there she is… with Griffith?

If Guts thinks Griffith is going to let him leave without a fight, he’s DEAD wrong!

Chapters Discussed:

  • 034. “The Morning Departure (1)” (旅立ちの朝(1), Tabidachi no Asa (1))
  • 035. “The Morning Departure (2)” (旅立ちの朝(2), Tabidachi no Asa (2))
  • 036. “The Morning Departure (3)” (旅立ちの朝(3), Tabidachi no Asa (3))
  • 037. “Knight of Skeleton” (髑髏の騎士, Dokuro no kishi)
  • 038. “Start of the Everlasting Night” (果てしなき夜の始まり, Hateshinaki Yoru no hajimari)

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