February 7, 2023
Goin' Berserk
Goin' Berserk
Goin' Berserk! Episode 15: The Conviction Arc - Chapter of the Binding Chain (vol. 16 - Vol. 17)

Nathan comes back again while Ben continues to heal to discuss the fine points of seeing Elves and demons that we learn in the Binding Chain chapter of the Conviction Arc.

Also, something about PTSD and hentai or something.

Chapters discussed:

  • 118. “The Beast of Darkness” (闇の獣, “Yami no Kedamono”)
  • 119. “The Holy Iron Chain Knights (1)” (聖鉄鎖騎士団(1), Seitessa Kishi-dan (1))
  • 120. “The Holy Iron Chain Knights (2)” (聖鉄鎖騎士団(2), Seitessa Kishi-dan (2))
  • 121. “The Hollow Idol” (空洞の偶像, Kūdō no Gūzō)
  • 122. “The Unseen” (見ざる者, Mizarumono)
  • 123. “Night of Miracles” (奇跡の夜, Kiseki no Yoru)
  • 124. “Past and Future” (去来, Kyorai)
  • 125. “Morning of Truth” (真実の朝, Shinjitsu no Asa)

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