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Author: Paul

Review – Monster Hunter (2020)

First of all, I can recognize this movie is trashy; the writing is bad, the set-up for the story is lame, the characters are pretty stupid and the pacing is really, REALLY strange.
So, I kind of loved this movie…

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How I Rate Every Love Death + Robots (Season 1) Episode [Series Review]

Below are my thoughts on every episode in Season 1 of Love Death + Robots as categorized into three parts: Bad, Good and Great.

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The Burning Barrel Awards 2017: Gaming Edition

Welcome to the Burning Barrel Awards for 2017! This year, Hank and I decided to do something a bit collaborative for the site in which we came up with a list of categories, chose some personal winners for each category and then decided what compromises we could make to do an official site list up. […]

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The Importance of Coco

It’s a beautiful movie with a great message, amazing design and a fun energy about it.

But this isn’t about Coco as a film.

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“Game” or “Not A Game”? Discussion Continues….

There have on more than one occasion in the last year or two been some awkward moments between friends and I when talking about certain games. Not to beat around the bush: while many people praise games such as Gone Home and TellTale’s The Walking Dead for being excellent examples of how narrative and story […]

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REVIEW: Maleficent

Sleeping Beauty has long been a revered and iconic staple in the classic Disney library for many people. Although at the time of its creation in 1959 it was cited as a box office failure, the story of Princess Aurora has gained popularity as one of the crowd favorites from classic Disney. While I may not be so excitable about the idea of a Sleeping Beauty remake, I’ve always had a fondness for the story’s villain, Maleficent. She was the embodiment of what I grew up perceiving to be the traits every villain should have; she was unforgiving, cruel, cunning and could turn into a damn dragon! So… what about a movie all about her?

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My Life Through Conversations [Part Two]

As I started this a good year ago now, a few things have changed. Some podcasts that were previously on this list are gone as they no longer are around or have just lost me along the way. As a result, this list is a bit shorter than it used to be but that’s the way things go sometimes, I suppose. Still, enjoy

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Year In Review: Paul’s Top Ten Video Games of 2013

It’s that time of year again. A time for giving, receiving, remembrance and, most importantly, a time to reflect on all the wonderful (and shitty) games of the past 12 months and put them in an arbitrary list to somehow pit them against each other in a competition of significance so you, the person reading […]

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Why “Gone Home” is an Experience Worth Having

You may already be well-aware of this, but on August 15th, 2013 a curious little game came out on Steam called Gone Home. Immediately a flurry of positive reviews started popping up left and right and as of this writing two days after the fact the game boasts a 90 on the ever-controversial Metacritic and […]

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Escaping Into Games: An Outlet For Anxiety & Depression

Written by Emily Kay (Guest Contributor) of The Games Diary  “Just let me finish this” is what I would usually chime when I’m finally being notified to the real world. It’s hard to pull away – and the thing I’m trying to finish could be anything from a full level, to a quick side mission […]

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