E3's never quite the same when there's no new hardware.

So much stuff leaked out before E3 but I’m just gonna treat that as early parts of E3. Last year there was a lot of focus on games that were coming out that same year, obviously not everything, but a lot. This year there were a lot more long term announcements which I found disappointing because I can’t play games that don’t exist and showing a logo doesn’t guarantee a games existence.

The swirling nightmare is larger but also less intense than last year. It felt like the industry was mostly busy reloading this year.


Battle Royale Field

I believe there’s room in the world for a better Battle Royale game and unlike Call of Duty, Battlefield operates on scale already. So maybe they can pull it off.

Respawn is making video games we swear

They had literally nothing to show, but Vince Zampella was in the building so we know he hasn’t escaped yet.

Anthem gets a release date.

Having played Destiny 2 I now know that I am totally open for a better Destiny, so I’m more excited about this than I was last year. It does feel like a complete abandonment of what BioWare used to mean.

I’m still just waiting for Dragon Age news.


Microsoft certainly had the most stuff to show this year.

New Ori looks good

I’m excited for this because it has the potential to be significantly better than the original.

Is that Halo 6 or…?

They’re making more Halo. Halo Forever. The Master Chief and Cortana will never die!

From Software is making a game for Activision

Sekiro looks dope. Familiar yet different.

Fallout 76

Take me home country roads….

Life is Strange 2 Prequel Thing

When I thought this was Life is Strange 2 I was disappointed, but since it’s just a free thing it’s whatever. I’m really not confident that DontNod learned the right lessons from the first game.

Wanna drift?

If they could actually figure out this online driving thing I would be so happy. We’ll see.

Microsoft buys Ninja Theory

The other studios they bought elicited more of a “That makes sense” or a “Wait, you didn’t own them?” but I’m excited to see what Ninja Theory can make with Microsoft money behind them.

We Happy Few is a real game now I guess?

Seems like Microsoft paid them to make a Bioshockesque thing instead of the weird terrible survival game it was before.

The power of CGI trailers at E3 and shouting on the internet.

The Division 2 looks like the Division

I don’t want to buy that game again. The right price for that game was free.

Devil May Five

Remember when people flipped out about Nero? That was 10 years ago.

Ms. Cuphead

I will play more Cuphead.

Anime in the Big City

This is just the next game in the J-Stars series. I don’t get why anyone freaked out about this. It’s just another one of these but the stages are real places I guess, which is weird. I’m just not into this style of brawler.

Your Choices Your World

Will you let the light die? Or will you make it live?

It was inevitable

Considering how long Microsoft has been building to this I’m surprised they didn’t have… anything to show. Playing that Shovel Knight Battletoads dlc made me know that I would like good new Battletoads. No idea if this will actually be that.

Pop Figures Gears of War game

Telltale’s Lego Minecraft Pop Figure Gears of War when?


That looked great and I’m excited but I still have no idea what that game is.


I did not vibe with this show at all.

Are you ready to die?

I don’t know what to make of Rage 2. It’s weird that they’re making this. Could be cool.

D2OM: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop

Yo, I will play more DOOM.


My issue with this was that I watched this trailer and didn’t really know what this is. Co-Op Wolfenstein would be more appealing if the shooting in Wolfenstein were better. A world where BJ’s daughters are still fighting a Nazi controlled world is kinda depressing.

Very Special Edition

I just didn’t get this video. They played it like a ridiculous joke, to the point where people thought it was fake. But it is real, which makes sense cause it’s just audiobook Zork. It’s not that crazy. It’s silly, but like… I dunno.

To the place I belong

West Virginia.

I read it on the internet

I also didn’t appreciate this joke about their games being buggy. Such a weird tone. Fuck off Todd Howard, don’t ship broken games.

Phone Scrolls

I am 100% convinced they only said they’re gonna make Elder Scrolls 6 eventually because they didn’t want people ripping their heads off about Blades, which they’re gonna port to everything like it’s Skyrim.

Space Scrolls

They might as well have shown a cheese wheel in space. Why isn’t this the joke game, at least the Alexa Skyrim thing has content.

We’ll be elderly by the time these scrolls are done

Here’s the game we’ll make after the game we haven’t made yet. So stop asking us you fucks.” This also tells me that they didn’t end up feeling like holding Fallout 4 back until close to launch was a maneuver that paid off.

Square Enix

Having Keith David do voice over for every trailer was a good idea but they didn’t have a lot to show other than know quantities.

Just Cause 4

Cautiously optimistic. But Just Cause 3 had issues and I’m not sure this is gonna address those.


Beyond Good and Evil 2

Is this a prank?

Whatever it is is not a video game. “Here make this game for us” This feels like a weird AR scam.

This Fucking Guy

Trials still exists.

The Division 2 looks miserable

The storytelling in Tom Clancy games is fucking miserable. I don’t really care, if the gameplay is fun (I mean I played Wildlands), but fuck man. Also this setting is way less interesting to me.

8 player raids would have been cool for the first game to have.




I love Star Fox but this game kinda looks lame.

There was no Splinter Cell

Where is the switch version of Assassin’s Creed Origin where you can play as Mario?


This was a weird press conference. For the last couple years they did a trailers only approach. That is not what they did this year. Instead they had like a talk show segments while they shuffled their live audience around.

They started with a guy on a banjo

True to the spirit of The Last of Us.

Then they had this guy

Ghost of Tsushima looks like it could be dope. This and The Last of Us demos both felt so canned, but that might just be what those games are like I dunno.


There was some dope shit in that short trailer.


That looks fucking great.

Death’s Walking

What a dumb umbrella.


Spider-man got stabbed. That’s not good. I hope he’s ok.


This was just a Nintendo Direct, there wasn’t anything exciting about it.

Demon Ex Machina

This was like the one surprise. Mechs are neat.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

That sure looks like a Fire Emblem game. I will play this. Nothing particularly exiting about what they showed though.

Killer Queen Black for Switch

I’ve heard about this for years so it’s cool that it’s finally coming to home platforms.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Bringing back every character is cool. But the thing that would actually get me excited would be good single player content and they said nothing about that so… kinda whatever.

Thank You For Your Time.

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