A delightful heist movie.

Ocean’s 8 relies on a film formula that works. Like Ocean’s 11 and 13 before it (Ocean’s 12 is a bizarre anti-heist movie), it’s just a solid heist movie that relies on movie star power and tried and true storytelling structure to make something compelling. 

You could make this kind of movie with any kind of cast only changing the details. It’s kind perfect for the “all-female cast” treatment because you can make this movie over and over again. The cast just needs to be cool and charming.

The weakest part in this particular execution on the formula is the set up here; it takes a little too long and the movie doesn’t flow quite as good as it should. Also there are some weird examples of the movie trying to be “with the times” or something, i.e. when one character explains Tinder to another. It’s so bad it’s almost charming.

The strongest part are the numerous throwaway one-liners that are top notch. Once the heist is underway they really deliver the comedy punch, without eating up a lot of time. This is a fun movie where it feels like everyone involved is having fun. 

Gary Ross is no Steven Soderbough and this movie isn’t as sharp as the previous Ocean’s movies but It has a good energy to it and I quite enjoyed it.

Thank You For Your Time.

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