Spoiler warning: They don't cure death.

Look, I like this film series. They’re not good movies but they’re just entertaining enough and they good at what they are. And what they are is garbage movies 101 for teens. There’s a place for that in the world, and I appreciate this instance.

And by movies 101 I mean this movie steals from everything.  This is Star Wars lite, Die Not that Hard, A few Walking Dead, Nerf Saw, and Babies first Blade Runner. Which I’m fine with partially because it’s stealing from such a broad range of stuff. They weren’t gonna come up with any good ideas, so why not just mash together a whole bunch of good ones, particularly when the audience is kids who haven’t seen all those things.

I wish it came with a better main character, but our hero Thomas isn’t bad or annoying either. Like the movies he is in, he’s perfectly adequate.

Look this movie is no great shakes and I have no idea what the names of most of the characters are, but I had fun. One of those times where I had the perfect eager low expectations and they were perfectly met. I kinda look at this series as the bar for movies, like if you’re movie isn’t at least as entertaining and compelling as a Maze Runner movie, you probably fucked up.

This series is fine and appropriate ending in line with that series. I had a good time at this dumb movie.

Thank You For Your Time.