Just a few horror movies I like that I haven't written about before.

Just a few horror movies I like that I haven’t written about before.


Look, TerrorVision is not a great movie, it’s not even really a good movie. The acting is bad, and painfully over the top. This is also a movie with a lot of downtime; there’s a lot of this movie where the characters are sitting around just watching other movies.

What makes TerrorVision worth watching is that it has one of the greatest movie monsters of all time. It’s just a gross, nightmare but also joyous; he just looks so happy. It’s a captivating screen presence and makes this movie stand out.

This movie has heart.

If you’re down for a slower horror movie that’s incredibly camp, TerrorVision can be a good time.


If I had ever been in the position to make a movie, it might’ve looked something like Rubber. This is the kind of weird movie that speaks directly to my weird storytelling sensibilities.

The simple pitch is that this is a movie about a tire that comes to life and starts killing people. But that doesn’t get at just how weird this movie is.

There’s a whole other story going on about people watching this tire story, like it’s a movie or play, but it’s still not. This movie doesn’t break the 4th wall so much as it just never built the 4th wall. The story of the people watching (standing in the desert with binoculars) becomes it’s own weird nightmare and the two worlds blend in a way the movie has absolutely no interest in resolving.

This movie is very strange and unapologetic. If you’re just looking for something different, check out Rubber.

Drag Me to Hell

Now if you just want some horror-ass-horror, Drag Me to Hell is a solid unit of Horror.

A girl gets cursed by a gypsy and becomes tormented by a demon and this manifests itself in all kinds of different and creative ways as she fights and struggles for her survival.

One of the key strengths to Drag Me to Hell and Evil Dead is the ever changing nature of evil: the strange ways it manifests that don’t follow direct logic. There is a structure to the evil, but it’s unclear and arcane. It’s like a magic trick, the power comes from only allowing the audience to see certain things. The power of mystery.

Honestly it’s something Evil Dead starts to loose the more they tried to expand its world. Drag Me to Hell felt like Sam Rami getting back to the basics with horror in a good way. It’s not groundbreaking, it’s just really solid.

Thank You For Your Time.