If there’s something that we all have in common, it’s that we all waste incredible amounts of time on YouTube. Whether you’re watching cat videos, let’s plays, reviews, make-up tutorials, you’re there. I see you.

Written by Tessa

If there’s something that we all have in common, it’s that we all waste incredible amounts of time on YouTube. Whether you’re watching cat videos, let’s plays, reviews, make-up tutorials, you’re there. I see you.

There also comes a very unfortunate time where we find ourselves in YouTube slumps. We’re tempted to watch PewDiePie, we’re so ungodly bored. Well, PRers, I’m here to save you. Behold: YouTube salvation.



My absolute favorite YouTube personality. He’s, like, the Jeremy Clarkson of ripoff toys, gadgets, blind bags, and terrible food from Pound Land. If you’ve ever gone to the Dollar Tree to just laugh at their generic brand names and terrible products (and then buy six glasses because you broke a few the last time you did the dishes), then this channel is for you. If you just like dry as fuck British humor, this channel is for you, too. Seriously. Just subscribe. Like, now.



One of the best, if not the absolute best, YouTube LPer. I’ve been watching his channel grow for the past three years, and I couldn’t be more proud of the very deserving following that he’s attained. Ryan loves roguelikes. If you’re down to watch some Binding of Isaac runs, you’re in luck. You’ve got about 1000 hours of them on this channel. He also reviews some games as they come out if he feels as if they need to be looked at, and he streams several times a week with his internet buddies RockLeeSmile (who reviews an indie game on his channel every day), and JSmithOTI (who draws the best awful MS Paint drawings in the world). He’s worth your subscription. He’s an LPer who actually talks about the game most of the time rather than screaming, making silly voices, or complaining about that bitch that sits across from their desk at work.

Nerd Cubed: 


If you want a splash of London in your gaming videos, this is probably the place you should go. If you haven’t visited Dan Hardcastle’s channel yet, it’s time that you did. Fuck PewDiePie, Nerdcubed is THE KING of simulator games. Lately, his opinions on the gaming community have become strong and a little intrusive on his commentary, but for the most part I enjoy watching Dan play games very, very much. While others make cheap, obvious jokes at awful games, Dan brings some intelligence into play; which is refreshing in the era of let’s play where any 12 year old can plug in a mic and never register their HyperCam. Ever. Over a million people agree with me, here. Do you?



These gentlemen have been in the LP game for years. Slowbeef and Diabetus deserve to be some of the most respected names in let’s play, with Slowbeef just very recently retiring from his way-too-long position of moderator on the LP forum at somethingawful. These boys simply sit back over a let’s play and talk shit about the LPer or its overall quality (in jest), or commentate over longplays of terrible old games and shitty flash games on Newgrounds (which are the cream of the crop, if you ask me). If this interests you at all (and it should), definitely check out their series on Arise. I revisit it every few months, and it never ceases to have me in stitches. It’s also worth saying that they have a fantastic podcast, which led me to TDP when Jon guested on their show, which led me to PR. Thanks Nathan!

Smooth McGroove: 


Listen, you probably already subscribe, but I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this God of a man.



This brave man plays XBox Live indie games so you don’t have to. For a while, he was covering every. single. one. that was released for purchase. His LP career took off when he LPed Deadly Premonition over on somethingawful some years ago. Have I got your attention yet? SGF always sounds like he’s smiling, and his sense of humor is so dry, you almost can’t tell he’s joking. He streams for a few hours the first, second, and third Saturday of every month, and my fiance and I have made it an essential part of our weekend routines. So, grab a drink. Watch some SGF with me.

Vsauce, Vsauce 2, and Vsauce 3: 


With an entire family of Vsauce channels, you are guaranteed to find something that you can get down with. The original Vsauce channel is educational, but designed to make your brain explode several times during the course of each video. The questions you have about life are likely answered somewhere in this channel’s repertoire, and it’s presented in such away that is vastly entertaining. Vsauce 2 focuses more on people and the amazing things they are capable of, while Vsauce 3 focuses on games. While I’ll always prefer MatPat’s Game Theory series, Vsauce 3 does have a fantastic show they do on all the awesome things around the internet you can buy that reference games and pop culture, so there’s definitely that. It’s a good tool to use anytime you need to purchase a present for a loved one!

While I could have written about plenty other channels, I assumed that the majority of you have heard about most of them. To close this little note of YouTube salvation from me to you, I’ll list some of my other favorites from my subscription list.

brutalmoose: a reviewer/top ten writer
caddicarus: a reviewer/top ten writer
DYKgaming: for your gaming trivia needs
Hot Pepper Gaming: for when you need a laugh, and quick
Peanut Butter Gamer: a reviewer/top ten writer
The Game Theorists
The Slow Mo Guys: for your high-speed camera needs
yungtown: a reviewer/top ten writer
JonTron: cause motherfucking JonTron