Great games are included in this package but that is about all you get.

Originally written on  June 27, 2005.

First of all, I love the Metal Slug games. Ever since I discovered the original Metal Slug at the local Budget Movie Theater (since gone out of business) I have kept my eyes open for other games in the series. Over the years I played Metal Slug at several arcades across two provinces. That is why I rushed out and bought Metal Slug 4 and 5 for the PS2.

Now, the games included in this package are actually really good with 5 being slightly better yet also slightly shorter. Also, the slowdown that was prevalent in all the arcade versions I played has been eliminated. The fact that there are infinite continues kind of makes the game less intense as each continue isn’t going to cost you more money. The challenge of Metal Slug in arcades, for me anyway, was beating it while spending the least money possible. This isn’t a problem in these versions so that driving force to do well is gone. Two-player co-op is always fun and that is definitely one of the best parts of Metal Slug. Also, the vehicles, in Metal Slug 5 especially, are really creative and unique. After you beat the two games, which shouldn’t take you long, there really isn’t anything left to do or see. Sure you COULD rescue all the prisoners in the game but all you get is a list of there names. How awesome is that? Also, there are branching paths in the levels but the differences aren’t really that significant.

Overall, Metal Slug 4 and 5 was a fun yet severely short-lived experience that provided no incentive to continue playing the games. No significant unlockables and little challenge due to the infinite continues. Still, the games themselves are extremely fun and provide some of the best side-scrolling action currently available. Due to the high quality of the games themselves, I still have to recommend this package even though the extras are unspectacular. Not a great compilation package but two great games nonetheless. If you enjoyed Metal Slug 4 and 5 also check out Contra: Shattered Soldier.