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This Week In Comics: April 24-30

The New 52 – Justice League #1 to #3

It’s somewhat ironic that the week of the comic expo I only read three comics but there you go I suppose.  When I bought these, issue #3 had just come out so needless to say they’ve been sitting around for awhile on my desk and after reading the first issue I felt somewhat annoyed with myself for not starting it sooner.  The reboot starts solid enough with Batman chasing some strange alien create while subsequently being chased himself by an air assault team.  Obviously overpowered, the Green Lantern shows up to give Batman a hand since his ring brought him to Gotham to combat the monster.  After quite the spectacle, the two decide that since the creature was alien that it would be in their best interest to talk to another alien and seek out Superman in issue #2. As seems to always happen in these crossovers, Batman and Green Lantern try fending off an angry Superman and call in The Flash to help. We also begin seeing the origin of Cyborg between pages which cotinues until his “birth” in issue #3 along with the introduction of Wonder Woman.

Really good series so far, if not for the story at this current time so much as the crazy action and artwork.  The only thing I can say against it is a general annoyance I have with most newer age comics… each panel conveys too short a time in the progression which makes for a strange pacing; each panel in real time would equal maybe a good couple minutes in older comics and be full with art work and dialogue that would allow a smooth transition whereas I find now that there is more dialogue than action in most panels and when reading it feels like watching an HD movie on a 56K internet connection.  This is perhaps a personal problem but I felt this heavily while powering through these issues.  Still, awesome so far, I’m hooked and have to pick up the next five ASAP! Definite recommendation.