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Year: 2007

  • REVIEW: Spider-Man 3

    After seeing Spider-Man 2 back when it came out and heard that the third was in production I knew right then that I had to see it.  Then after hearing it would include the whole symbiote thing there was nothing keeping me away.  I now understand why the movie poster shows Spider-Man in such disgust […]

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  • ALBUM: Nine Inch Nails: Halo 24 – Year Zero

    Since first listening to this CD via the “leaked” copies on the internet for the past few weeks, I swore to myself I wasn’t going to review it because I really didn’t want to.  So here we are, Saturday night at 21:38 with shit all to do except sit on the goddamn internet and my plans have changed.  I don’t know any better ways to go about this, so let’s just jump in…

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  • REVIEW: Nine Inch Nails: Halo 22 – Beside You In Time

    I’m exhausted and not really in the mood for this, but after watching what this dvd had to offer I knew I had to write something in here just to get it out… Sound Quality: Offering some of the best quality in DTS Surround and Dolby Digital 5.1/ Stereo, Beside You In Time makes you […]

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